And Still I Rise.


This week I have mostly been reading books by Matt Haig, author of The Humans. In Reasons to Stay Alive, he discusses his ongoing fight with depression, one which he is winning. One of his chapters is called- Things that make it better. Another is called- Things that make it worse. He is of course talking about things that make his depression worse/better rather than infinite sadness but if the shoe fits…….Here is my list.

Things that make it better:

Playing cards with Flynn.

Waking up next to my sleeping daughter and getting a good waft of her cotton breath.


Listening to the kids at break time in the school opposite our back yard.

Talking to my friends. I have a special 5 who can talk me down from any cliff. Two of these are often known to say: “We need to come up with a plan.”


A good mug of strong builders.

Becoming a godmother.





Maya Angelou.

Silent Witness.

Fresh crisp sheets.


Looking at David Gandy’s face in M&S


Any room with a fire.

The cinema.


The radio.



Swinging in the hammock in my garden late at night with a good book.

Being on my own.

Being in the right company.


Things that make it worse:

Being in the wrong company.

Lack of sleep.

Double espresso.


Loud noises.

Burning toast.

People putting pressure on me to either remember things, show up or to be on-time.

A messy house.

Greasy hair.



Valentine’s day.

Too many emails in my inbox.

Worrying that I have eaten too much cheese.


My to-do list.

Being told Maya Angelou is dead.

The post office.

Taking out the bins.

A low bank balance at the end of the month. (I’m only Human)

Love Liberates- Maya Angelou. (Dead American Poet)


For Kathy Collis. ( and Matt Haig of course)









6 thoughts on “And Still I Rise.

  1. Sending virtual hugs ,
    I don’t know you other than from your words here ,
    But I know I let out a little sigh when I see you have a new post,

    Your words are written with such heartfelt meaning and I’m sure sometimes it’s just you silent screaming

    Keep enjoying the little things xx

    Liked by 1 person

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