Grief Is The Thing With Feathers: A Love Song.


This time last year I was sitting with some friends around James’ hospital bed, waiting to see if he might live, but knowing he wouldn’t. Today I was sent an email by one of my companions around that bed. Flynn calls him- ‘The man that looks like Daddy’, which  I hope Ross would find flattering. Today he sent me the following email:


I was working on the soundtrack to a BBC drama-doc about the ballet dancer and cold war legend Rudolf Nureyev. Our original intention was to build the soundtrack from existing recordings of famous ballet works contemporary to the Nureyev story. Easy. But as the production developed we realised that this music wouldn’t tell the whole story – particularly the drama side (the emotional story and the espionage and intrigue of the defection).

We decided to commission a composer to write a score to help tell the story. The composer is Richard Canavan and he is brilliant. One piece of music he wrote was loaded with hope and warmth and promise and it made me think of You and Gumby. After we finished the film, I worked with the Richard to develop the idea into a 2 minute piece and then published it as “Gumby Loves Orna”.

The track now exists as a library recording that I will promote to other TV, film and advertising creatives. It might end up on an advert for a brand that Gumby worked on, which would be kind of nice. Though the chances are very slim! It might end up in an advert for garden furniture – which I hope we could all laugh about too. I hope it doesn’t end up on a promotional video for Donal Trump. But if it does, let’s all try and laugh!

Anyway… i will try and track where it goes and keep you posted. For now, it’s attached just to this email.

i hope you like it. lots of love

Ross ( who also loves Orna) xx


For Ross (and Richard Canavan of course).



7 thoughts on “Grief Is The Thing With Feathers: A Love Song.

  1. wow – that’s beautiful… thank you for sharing – I’m so so sorry you are having to revisit such pain but with such lovely friends hopefully there will be a little sunshine through the rain – lots of love xx

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  2. What a very beautiful thing. It wasn’t supposed to end so soon. You are a very beautiful and brave girl Orna. Thank you for sharing. Love Zanna (cinders big sister) x

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  3. What a very special punchy romantic,feisty and soft piece of music to give you a hug and gusto all at the same time. Can’ think who that reminds me of?! Thinking of you all especially today. Our thoughts are with you constantly Anita x

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  4. I actually spoke to you on the phone for a boring insurance issue on Thursday and was really touched by your story. I said at the time I’d have a look at your site and here I am. I have to say I’m blown away by your honesty.
    When we spoke you didn’t say exactly when your husband passed away but I see it’s been exactly a year. I hope you and your family are OK. Please remember to do whatever is what You need for you.
    I don’t know if you remember me telling you about my sister-in-law. She passed away almost two years ago now from bowel cancer aged 32 leaving behind her husband and three children under 10. Just after the first anniversary of her death my brother-in-law said ‘At least that’s the last of so many firsts – first birthday, first wedding anniversary, first Christmas… ‘. Of course there’ll be many more firsts over the years. You can’t stop time, especially when you have children but those major dates have passed.
    Not sure what I’m trying to say, just hope you’re dealing with this milestone and can look to the future.
    Look after you and yours A xx


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