In memory of James Anderson

‘Gumby’  – Born: 15/08/1978 – Passed away: 11/03/2015


This page is in loving memory of James Anderson, who died on 11 March 2015.

Although James death was sudden and unexpected, he had been receiving treatment for a brain tumour for a number of years.  Recently, he had been working with Professor Stebbing, a remarkable doctor who treats late stage cancer patients.  Based at Imperial College, London, Professor Stebbing’s goal is to produce a drug that overcomes resistance to anti-cancer treatments.  He is a world expert in oncology medicine and his pioneering research offers real hope to those facing a similar diagnosis to James.  Action Against Cancer raises money to fund this crucial and groundbreaking research programme.

It would be a fitting tribute if, through this page, you would support Stebbing and his team in their potentially life-saving work.

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Action Against Cancer
Total raised: £17890.00

Action Against Cancer is determined to help improve the survival prospects and quality of life for cancer sufferers by supporting the development of pioneering cancer diagnostics and treatments. Specifically, AAC supports the work of James oncologist Professor Stebbing at Imperial College. The charity is run extremely efficiently so supporters know that their donations go to what really matters – developing treatments and cures for cancer.

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