A lick of Night.


In order to continue this blog as an analysis and experience of grief and not a blogging book review, it is with caution that I mention yet another book. A very unusual book made it’s way into my possession via my friend Weezey  a while ago (Grief is the thing with feathers). This book features two young boys  who loose their mother and they and their father are sagging in the sadness. A friend comes in the unlikely guise of a crow. -antagonist, trickster, healer,babysitter. This sentimental bird is drawn to the grieving family and threatens to stay until they no longer need him. He watches over them particularly at night-time while they sleep.

When my children get upset at nighttime or find the missing particularly harsh, what they really want to hear is that it’s not all final, that there is a possible reunion or at least that they are being watched, looked after. To help them I use a particularly beautiful tool  designed and given to me by my friend Martha on my first christmas alone. This works well especially with the youngest who now sleeps with it by her bed. I use it because I have no crow. It is a box with a pea-pod inside which she had made by a local artist. Open the box and at first there is an obvious discrepancy, one of the peas is missing, there is a space but it’s gone until you see it is in the night sky above them and only joins when the box is firmly shut.


For Martha.

13 thoughts on “A lick of Night.

  1. My partner died seven weeks and two days ago. We’re beyond devastated, the children and I. Where could I get a pea pod box? It’s such a beautiful thing xx

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    1. I’m so sorry to hear that anybody has found themselves in the same position as me. It is wretched and I’m heartbroken for you. The pea pod was made specifically because my husband used to refer to us as the pod but I can see why it would be such a universal theme/tool. It was given to me by friend Martha who lives in Dorset and funny enough I’m driving down to see her today. I will find out for you although I’m not entirely sure the maker is not a few comments up on this page. I will get in touch. A good idea might be to contact me directly on private messenger on my Facebook page. All my thoughts. Odharna

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