The one where Odharna and Harry meet God.

image“Our lives are not our own. We are bound to others, past and present, and by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future” – Cloud Atlas, David Mitchell.

Those who know me know of my ongoing and committed battle with cancer. I do not have it myself but it has entered my home, uninvited and silently as if smoke under a gap in the door. It has made me very sick and it has taken the best part of my life. It came to the wrong house. It might have been mistaken in thinking because of my size I would not fight back. It was wrong.

But honestly it’s exhausting trying to cure cancer on my own these days, if only someone would help me with this mammoth task; I’ve enlisted the help of someone only marginally more suited to the job. He is the famous Professor Justin Stebbing or ‘God’ as he’s known in the oncology world. He is a doctor but far more importantly he is a scientist. He runs an independent lab. in Hammersmith hospital, researching the cancer ‘brain’ He is leading pioneering research that generations of scientists will refer to. In 2011 his team discovered the cancer causing gene ‘LMTK3.’ The team have found that this gene promotes resistance to treatment for breast, lung, colon and brain cancer sufferers. Action Against Cancer is the charity funding Stebbing’s research. They are supporting the development of a revolutionary new drug that will block this gene. Stebbbing believes he is working with some future Nobel prize winners. “The goal is to make life saving treatment and not Profits”, therefore A.A.C. are not affiliated with any large pharmaceutical companies.

So Harry and I go to meet him and his team of brainiacs . We are promising him a large chunk of a pot of money we are planning to raise over the next few years, and beyond. We have given the lab the entirety of an initial amount raised in a few weeks after James died and are hoping to continue this support, albeit on a much bigger scale.

We could never have imagined what we were shown in these labs. It was like a whole new world was opened up to us, we were floored, astounded and couldn’t quite believe what we were seeing and being told. It was information overload. Stebbing was like a kid in a candy shop, showing us all his technology. We even got to see the cell’s food- foetal calf serum, kept in a freezer chilled to minus 80 degrees.

A doctor friend had told us about Stebbing back in January after we had stumbled on the below documentary and for the first time James and I were able to hope. The documentary had a huge effect on James and it should be watched by anyone who is in any way effected by cancer.




For James.

3 thoughts on “The one where Odharna and Harry meet God.

  1. Our Layman’s Experience

    Dear Orna

    It appears than many genes are implicated in the development of cancer; and epigenetics is showing us that environmental factors determine whether or not these genes are expressed and become influential in our health. There is already a great deal of research on the p53 gene, for example, which is a tumour suppressor gene. I wish you and Dr Stebbing good luck and am happy to make a donation to furthering his research.

    Tim’s approach to his cancer was, like everything else abut him, out of the ordinary. From the moment he found the first tumour, the size of a golf ball, that had matasticized from a skin lesion into a lymph node in his armpit, he began to read about complementary cancer treatment. Not fruity stuff, but serious scientific information. He was excitingly intelligent, and, as an architect, powerfully imaginative: he had an incredibly broad view of just about everything.

    A lot of what he read described how the predominant cancer treatments destroy a person’s immune system in an attempt to destroy the cancerous cells. But in fact, you actually need a optimally healthy and powerful immune system to fight off all disease. Radiotherapy destroys all of a patient’s local immunity, and chemotherapy destroys the immune system itself. None of this seemed right to Tim.

    As he continued to read, he found that in 1931 Dr Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize for showing that in the presence of oxygen, cancer cells will always live off glucose (sugar,) and that they are in fact anaeorbic, whereas healthy cells are aerobic and live off oxygen. Dr Warburg concluded that cancer was caused by an insufficiency of oxygen to the cells, contrary to what many doctors are still being taught.

    There are a number of ways to oxygenate the human body: one of them that Tim tried is Hyperbaric Oxygenation in a decompression chamber. Apparently breathing oxygen under these conditions results in a 40% increase in oxygen uptake. There are about 30 local Multiple Sclerosis Society Hyperbaric Oxygen chambers in this country that charge a nominal sum (our local one charges £10 for an hour’s treatment) to MS patients, cancer patients, and people with sports injuries.

    Another form of treatment, which Tim received at a cutting-edge clinic in Germany, is called Intravenous Photodynamic Laser Therapy. Initially a chlorophyll-based solution is introduced intravenously into your body: this is usually based on hypericum, green tea extract, or a form of chlorin. This is followed by intravenous introduction of laser light in four colors (as white laser light is not yet available.) The light causes the chlorophyll-based substances to produced a massive amount of oxygen, as with photosynthesis, which kills the cancer cells and at the same boosts the immune system by feeding healthy cells.

    Both Tim and I felt this treatment made absolute sense, whereas the introduction of more hostile chemicals into one’s body just seemed to increase the toxic overload of modern life. So we went to Germany together for him to have this treatment twice. The alternative he was offered in this country was to have radiotherapy, which ‘would work for a while, and then the cancer would return, probably in your bones and your liver.’ Do they really expect people to be grateful for this option?

    Sadly, despite our visits to Germany, the method did not succeed for him: his cancer had progressed too far and was absolutely voracious. But I know that if I found a lump somewhere, I would be off to Germany immediately to give it a go. From what I understand, cancerous tumors are largely encapsulated, and doing biopsies and surgical procedures on them pierces the capsule and releases them into the larger body. Perhaps that is why people start out with cancer in one parts of their body, and after treatment, they find that the cancer has spread to several others. I think the most natural treatment is likely to be the most successful.

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