2 thoughts on “Adam Hedelin and Mungo Park are my Heroes.

  1. Dear Odhara,

    You were truly loved and in this cruel world there seems to be no justice. I have spent many years as a children’s nurse looking after palliative children. I have stopped since my best friend who is in a similar position to you lost her husband earlier this year. It has flattened us and we are loving our friend and her 2 kids fiercely. I’m like a lioness. I hope you continue to have people who love you and who pick you up as you move your life on. This blog has helped me to understand my beautiful best friend more. Wishing you and your little angels everything which is good.xxx

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  2. My god I have just cried, laughed, cried some more, sighed at the beauty of your wonderful memories and above all marvelled at the realisation that he was so very loved. As were you by him, not to mention your beautiful children. Once again you have amazed me with this post.. you are a remarkable human. Sending so much love, thankyou for sharing this very intimate portrait of your beloved James x

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